There is a lot of talk about the future of renewable energy and the potential for creating new markets, but one thing that is much less talked about is the potential for making electric cars electric with Bitcoin energy consumption. The current automotive industry has many inherent problems and has been plagued by failed and fraudulent, electric car programs in the past, but there is a great opportunity to change the current model for electric cars and change the direction of this industry.

Solar panel prices have been falling dramatically recently as costs drop and people get more comfortable with installing them on their own. With the help of this trend and a low powered Bitcoin mining rig, electric cars would run on free and clear solar energy without ever generating a single ounce of electricity.

Free and Clear Energy Consumption With Bitcoin Mining

The main problem with using free and clear energy to power your car is the cost of making it possible. Although Bitcoin mining is not yet recognized as an alternative source of energy, there are many people around the world who have already designed computers and rigs, which convert Bitcoin mining to clean energy, meaning they produce clean energy directly into electricity at a fraction of the cost.

You might find them very expensive if you purchase one of these systems, but they can be a bargain at a high price point. Many of these computer systems are so cheap because of the cheap hardware required to make them work. In this way, you can easily convert your current use of Bitcoin mining into a positive and clean energy for your vehicle while saving money at the same time.

These systems do not use any special software or programs to mine Bitcoins, it simply takes advantage of the technology behind Bitcoin and the way it works. A computer which is dedicated to mining Bitcoins may be costly, but if you are willing to use your free and clear energy at its full potential, you can certainly use your investment and actually turn a profit on it.

One final advantage of converting from Bitcoin mining to free and clear energy is that you will see a dramatic drop in your Bitcoin energy consumption. For many people, their utility bills are already very high and they would save on those costs by converting to clean energy.

If you are considering using the free and clear energy option for powering your vehicle, I encourage you to contact the host of companies in the USA and other countries who are offering this service and take advantage of the opportunity to power your car and generate renewable energy. Electricity is increasingly becoming a scarce resource and more people are turning to free and clear energy sources to help save the planet.